Everything that our skin comes into contact with gets absorbed into our bodies. Don’t believe us? Just look at the nicotine patch. You put it on your skin and your body absorbs the medicine. So it makes sense that the products that we put on ourselves are affecting our bodies the most. Our bodies are covered with sweat glands that allow sweat to be released but also allow substances to flow into our system. The highest concentration of sweat glands on the human body can be found in the armpit. The best way to limit harmful chemicals from permeating your skin is to go with an all natural deodorant.

High Heavy Metals

Harmful Chemical Compounds

Hormone Imbalance

The problem is that by looking at the packaging you may think that you’re getting a healthy deodorant, but there are no regulations on the words like “natural” and many companies mislead consumers. To truly understand what your putting on your skin, look at the ingredients on the back of the label.

Here’s a rule of thumb:
If the ingredients in your deodorant look more like the label of a household cleaning product than the label of food then it’s time to switch.

Increased Energy

More Testostrone

More Vitality

Mental Clarity

We live in society where the conventional belief is that we can take a pill to cure all of your ailments. We are taught to adopt the attitude that we’re going to get sick every year in the winter and when we do to just take some vitamin C and Zinc supplements to get better. Instead we should be thinking along the lines of, let’s remove the things that are weakening your immune system so we don’t get sick.  Think about how much time and money we could save if we never got sick and never had to buy cold remedies or dietary supplements again.

Follow your doctors advice, but instead of trying to alleviate your health issues with medicines and supplements, consider limiting your exposure to toxic chemicals by removing or reducing the use of products that contain them.