How do I apply Uncle Jack’s Natural Deodorant?

It’s easy, use your fingers to scoop out a pea sized amount of the product and rub apply it to your arm pits. Gently rub it in and wait a minute or two for the product to absorb before putting on a shirt.

The product melted, what should I do?

Don’t worry! Above temperatures of 85 degrees Uncle Jack’s begins to soften up and at extremely high temperatures like inside a car on a hot day, can even begin to melt. This is because we use completely organic ingredients with no additives that supply products with chemical texturizes. In a softer state, it still works completely the same as it does in a completely solid state. TO get it back to a solid, simply give it a quick stir and pop it in the fridge for an hour.

I started using Uncle Jack’s and now my armpits hurt… What’s happening?

You’re going through what they call armpit detox.  Your body clearing the toxins from your armpits and acclimating to the pH in the baking soda.  It usually takes about a week or so for your body to purge toxins and acclimate to an all natural deodorant.  Alternating days between your old deodorant and Uncle Jack’s may help reduce symptoms of armpit detox.  If severe and unbearable irritation occurs discontinue use and see a doctor immediately.

Is Uncle Jack’s a Paraben free product?

That’s right we are!  Be aware of many other “natural” products that use natural and organic ingredients, but also use artificial fragrances that contain parabens, phthalates, and other toxins. We use all organic essential oils and other organic fragrant elements that make our products smell amazing.

Can Uncle Jack’s stain clothes?

Not when used as described.  Clothes staining can occur in some materials when to much product is applied or when applied immediately before getting dressed.

Will I still sweat while using Uncle Jack’s products?

Uncle Jack’s does not use any aluminums in our products which is the active ingredient that blocks the pores and causes you to sweat less.  While Uncle Jack’s is technically not an antiperspirant there are natural plant extracts to absorb wetness to help keep you dry.

Is Uncle Jack’s a certified organic facility?

We use all certified organic ingredients, we are not yet a certified organic facility. We aim to be the first in the industry to offer clients a high quality product with minimal waste by way of certified organic manufacturing.