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8 Tips To Keep Holiday Calories Away

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It’s the time of year when jolly merriment takes precedent over rational thought as many of suck down candy canes, pile on the gravy, and shovel down cookies without regard. As is natural we put on a couple of lbs going into the new year and vow to hit the gym hard to burn it off. The problem with that is, at the end of the holiday season the average american packs on 6 pounds of holiday weight year over year and never actually loose the weight in the spring/summer. The end effect is that this upcoming holiday season your going into it with 2lbs from last year, 2 lbs from the year before, and so on… It’s probably a better strategy to adopt a few strategies going into holidays to keep those calories at bay in the first place.

Strategy 1 – Hydration

Before you take your seat at the holiday dinner table, pound a few glasses of water.  By doing so, you are filling your stomach with water which will help you eat less.

Bonus: keeping hydrated throughout the day helps flush out toxins from the night before and keeps your metabolism running smooth.

Strategy 2 – Early Morning HIT

Even if you’re not Mr. Fitness 5 to 7 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning has been shown to drastically increase metabolism throughout the day.

Try This: 3 Rounds Of
– 10 Pushups / 20 Squats / 30 Crunches / 40 jumping jacks

Strategy 3 – Embrace the Cold

Being cold doesn’t make you sick.  During winter, most doors and windows are closed and the germs that make you sick are more concentrated around you as a result.  Weight loss is a matter of thermodynamics.  

Calories are burned when your body used the food that you consumed for energy or heat.  They call it burning calories for a reason. Walking outdoors for 10 to 15 minutes without a coat can boost your metabolism by up to 40%. 

Strategy 4 – Reward Yourself

Make yourself a deal workout everyday or eat healthy 2 out of 3 meals and have your wife, girlfriend, friend, dad, or whoever keep you accountable.  

Here’s what you do:
Give that person a check for _____ amount of money ( $100, $300, $1000). Something that you can afford but also an amount that you really don’t want to loose. Write the check out to a charity that you believe in and tell the person that you give it to that if you don’t complete your goal of working out every day that they need to send the check.

Strategy 5 – Fiber Up

Fiber is a natural carb blocker.  It’s best if we get most of our fiber from fruits and veggies, but if you know that you have meal coming up where you’re going to be eating a lot of carbs then take some fiber piss with.  Psyllium Husk is an all natural fiber source that slightly expands in your stomach causing you feel like your fuller that you actually are.

Strategy 6 – Make It About People

Eating is not an activity! Instead of making the holidays all about the food, spend time talking to and connecting with the people that your with. Strike up a conversation with that awkward cousin at holiday parties. Chat up the accounting department at your company get together.

Strategy 7 – Play a Game

Distract yourself from food by playing a game with your family. Just make sure that the competition is friendly, and don’t play after someone has had a few to many. If the conversation starts to die off have a game to play. You cant go wrong with Jenga, Parcheesi, or Cards Against Humanity.

Strategy 8 – Drink Smart

If you’re going to be drinking this holiday season, make sure that you have 1 glass of water for every drink that you consume. Also make a deal with yourself to stay away from sweeteners in your beverages that hide the taste of alcohol. Your hangover will thank you.

One of the best ways to stay healthy this holiday season is to avoid getting sick. Try incorporating some healthy herbal remedies into your health routine to keep your immune system rocking around the Christmas tree.